ICE provide a comprehensive plumbing, gas, facilities, heating and water management service for industrial, commercial and domestic customers. Since 2003 we have worked with Businesses, Schools, Councils, Water Companies and Home Owners, delivering solutions to meet budgets and regulatory requirements.

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  • Plumbing and Gas
    Whether it’s a small repair or large project, water, heating, gas, washrooms or bathrooms, commercial, school or home, we can deliver a service that meets your needs.
  • Water Regulations
    Making sure that you and your water system complies with the Water Regulations.
  • RPZ valve testers, RPZ valve testing
    RPZ Valve Testers
    Installing and annual testing of RPZ valves by our approved testers in accordance with the Water Regulations.
  • Legionella Control
    Helping you reduce risk in your business by keeping you and your water system safe.
  • Water Treatment
    Water Treatment involves expert application of equipment, filtration, chemicals and knowledge often to systems which use water as part of a heat exchange process.
  • Facilities
    We provide one point of contact for the management and delivery of building maintenance, compliance testing, monitoring and servicing.
  • Water Coolers
    We supply mains fed water coolers installed and maintained by our EDWCA trained plumbers.
  • Water Services
    Our design, install and maintain solution for your bespoke or larger water system needs.