The ICE Story


The ICE story begins in South Yorkshire in the 1980s where as a young apprentice, Shaun Matthews (under the guidance of two local craftsmen, Neil Shenton and Bob Archer), was taught that plumbing is all about quality, quality and quality; without compromise. That advice stuck with him as he developed his career; from apprentice to plumber to manager. In 2003, he was the manager of plumbing services and water regulations at a large national water services business when he decided that the time was right to fulfil a long term goal and set up his own plumbing and water services business.

He knew what he wanted to do but what should he call the new business? Something relating to water, cool, memorable and which reflected the ethos and work ethic that had been instilled in Shaun as an apprentice.

Innovation……Compliance…….Excellence; ICE was born.


There was work to be done and staff to employ. Shaun turned to the people that he could not only trust but who had the same ethos and were amongst the best in their field of expertise. First up was Robert (Bob), now the Technical Services Manager specialising in water regulations, general plumbing and gas services, followed by David (Dave), now the Charge Hand Plumber constantly delivering high standards of workmanship whilst being the trainer of all apprentices and then Stephen (Steve/Baz), our Building and Legionella specialist.

Quickly building a reputation for delivering excellent customer service and quality workmanship ICE was approached by the Business Services team at Yorkshire Water. It was here that ICE first met Richard and Maxine and was asked to help them deliver water services to their business customers. ICE has continued to work with Yorkshire Water ever since and Richard and Maxine now work at ICE.

We are experts in the Water Regulations and are trusted by two large water industry contractors who employed ICE to review, rectify and certify all of one water company’s water and waste water sites. Since then we’ve expanded our compliance work and test RPZ valves for three of the UK’s largest water companies.
When Yorkshire Water wanted to promote the benefits of drinking water in schools, they turned to ICE to install and maintain water coolers for their Cool Schools campaign. We still provide, install and maintain water coolers at over 1000 of our customer’s sites.

Since 2003 our client list has grown along with the plumbing and water services we provide and the accreditations that we have achieved. Our business manager, Karen, is the one to talk to about accreditations and audits.

As our business grew we found we needed more space. We moved out of our original home in 2006 and into a new base at Barugh Green. But that’s not the only change, we’ve employed apprentices, trained them into plumbers and then taken on more apprentices. Our vans have changed from plain white to professionally liveried silver. We still do a lot of plumbing work but it’s now just part of a comprehensive list of water and gas services. ICE have come a long way.

What hasn’t changed is our commitment to quality and high standards of friendly customer service. It’s not just plumbing; it’s about making life easier for you; one phone call for all your water management needs; being your service partner.

You can find out how we can help you by exploring our website or by giving us a call. We would love to hear what you think and how we can help.

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