Cleaning and Disinfection

Where water is stored or its flow through pipes is at very low rates or infrequent, it may become contaminated or reduced in quality. Sludge and sediment that harbour legionella and other bacteria can build up in tanks and pipework and they need to be cleaned so that biofilms are removed. At ICE we help our customers ensure that tanks and pipes are clean and we provide a certificate to prove it once we have completed the necessary testing.

HSG274 Part 2 of the HSE’s technical guidance for the control of legionella bacteria in hot and cold water systems sets out in paragraph 2.127 the situations when it is necessary to clean, flush and disinfect hot and cold water services. These include where routine inspection of water storage tanks finds evidence of significant contamination or stagnation and where indicated by the risk assessment.

What we do:-

  • Clean and chlorinate / disinfect storage tanks and calorifiers
  • Physically clean the tank, including access lid and cover
  • Chlorinate / disinfect hot and cold pipework
  • Chlorinate / disinfect new cold water mains

What we provide:-

  • Certification to meet all requirements of:-
    • HSE’s ACoP L8
    • PD855468:2015
    • Site services log book
    • Your local water supplier