Water Coolers

Would you like a simple solution to maintaining the health of your staff or pupils and help them concentrate?

Up to 60% of our bodies and 73% of our brains are water. So it’s important that we drink enough every day if we want to remain healthy and focussed.
Water is better for you than high calorie fizzy drinks, at a less than a penny a litre it’s a lot cheaper than bottled water and it’s available on tap from one of our mains connected water coolers.

Once installed, a mains fed cooler is hassle free and better for the environment. No organising deliveries of bottles, storage issues and no heavy lifting to replace empty bottles. There’s no plastic waste and you can forget about CO2 emissions from delivery vehicles. The direct chill unit only requires power when dispensing chilled water so it’s not on all the time and power consumption is minimal. Find out about the ICE Water Cooler

Whether you decide to rent or buy from ICE each cooler should be sanitised every six months to ensure it continues to dispense the highest quality water.

If you rent, it’s included in the price, if you decide to buy your cooler we recommend that you also purchase a maintenance and sanitisation package. Find out more