The ICE Water Cooler

One of the UK’s long established favourites; the RIO 23 AC is the cooler of choice for most. Its floor standing and connected to the building’s water system. It can be installed with or without a filter and you have the option of a pumped waste or drip tray. We can add a water block for you if you want that extra bit of security.

With direct chill technology, the Rio 23AC will deliver up to 22 litres per hour of water at 8oC, as well as an unlimited supply of mains temperature water. The direct chill unit only requires power when dispensing chilled water so it’s not on all the time and power consumption is minimal.

It’s 1185mm high, 325mm wide and 340mm deep and each installation takes between 1 and 2 hours. The water cooler is installed using 6mm micro-bore piping which is concealed in conduit pipe. Also included are;

  • a single check valve, preventing backflow to main supply,
  • a pressure regulator,
  • an isolation valve.

All installations use WRAS approved materials and adhere to the Water Supply (water fittings) Regulations 1999. In addition, all our installation engineers are WIAPS approved. ICE are a WaterSafe registered business.

In the UK the quality of our drinking water is amongst the best in the world. That’s one of the reasons that we only supply mains fed water coolers. But you might want your water without the taste and smell of chlorine or to guard against any sediment. If you want that extra piece of mind, our 1 micron filter removes chlorine taste and odour and sediment.

Whilst a drip tray does what it says, it needs to be emptied in order to maintain effectiveness. With a pumped waste there is no need to empty the tray as any drips are collected inside the water cooler before being pumped into the site drainage system. There’s much less risk of spillages causing slips trips and falls.

Our water block is a flood prevention device designed to automatically shut down the mains water supply to avoid flooding. It monitors the volume of water flowing through the pipework and automatically turns it off should there be a problem.

Each cooler needs to be located within one metre of a power socket (240v AC) and within five metres of a mains water supply, or a tank fed supply that is in accordance with section seven of the Water Supply (water fittings) Regulations 1999.