Water Services

At ICE Water Services we design, install and maintain rainwater harvesting systems for clients large and small. We do it so well that Yorkshire Water asked us design, install and maintain a system for their Head Office in Bradford.

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If there’s water involved we’re interested: We can design and install new or replacement underground water pipe work, select, locate and install sub meters to facilitate active water management and if storage, flow rate or pressure is a problem, we can design, install and maintain water storage and pumping systems.

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Our expertise doesn’t end there. If you want to more about the quality of the water in your water system, we can help.

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We can also get to the bottom of trade effluent problems and reduce the costs you pay for disposal or install treatment equipment that helps you to control your discharges and achieve your discharge consent requirements.

Water Companies in the UK operate and maintain complex water networks and deliver some of the highest quality water in the world. They only work with service partners who can deliver to the highest standards of service and quality.

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