Water Treatment

Water Treatment involves expert application of equipment, filtration, chemicals and knowledge often to systems which use water as part of a heat exchange process. Water can also be used as a solvent, coolant, raw material and transport agent. Maintaining the quality of the water in these processes is essential to prevent costly downtime and repairs.

The way that cooling towers, steam boilers, closed heating and cooling circuits or other types of water based heat exchange processes are treated and operated can play a big part in determining their efficiency and longevity. Effective water treatment and consultancy will minimise rates of corrosion, scaling as well as reducing operating and maintenance costs.

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About ICE Water Treatment

ICE Water Treatment was launched in 2017 by Shaun and Joe as part of the ongoing development of the successful ICE Services business. This proved to be an instant success taking on several new clients and receiving numerous enquiries from existing customers.

Joe joined the business full time earlier in the year having previously worked for ICE as a contractor, bringing many years of experience in both water treatment and legionella control.